to individuals, businesses, institutions and foundations that can help us reach our
goal of raising
Please contact our director of operations, Andrée Aronson, at andree@libertychurchmpls.org,
if you are interested in learning more or are willing to make introductions on our behalf.
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Liberty Church Capital Campaign

In 2019 Liberty started work on a $5 million capital campaign, allowing us to make much needed renovations to our facilities, and deepen and expand our work in the community. We have chosen not to leverage or mortgage our buildings and have adopted a “Build As We Raise Funds” approach, without creating a long-term financial burden on our congregation.

The work will be completed in three phases as funds are raised. Phase one and two focus on stabilizing and upgrading our two buildings. Phase three includes adding an elevator and exterior site improvements. Initial improvements completed or process include:

  • Improving accessibility
  • Replacing windows
  • Water mitigation
  • Upgrading and replacing furniture, fixtures and equipment
  • Upgrading our kitchen and bathrooms
  • Grounds and gardens beautification

In addition, we will use funds to expand the work of the Northside Healing Space and 21st Century Academy. The additional funding will allow us to increase the number of individuals, youth, and families that we can serve, add staff to the Northside Healing Space, and make available more space and healing resources to our community.  We provide all programming at no charge.

The items shown on this page will be acquired for our facilities to support a multi-functional and beautiful space for healing.  Your donations to this effort are greatly appreciated! You can donate the cost of a chair or a couch—or five chairs! You can donate a fixed dollar amount, and we will apply it to the items seen here or other Capital Campaign costs—your choice!

Two-Year Campaign Includes

Building Renovation:$3,750,000
Program Expansion:$1,000,000

In-kind Donors

A group of amazing interior designers from Design for Good are donating their time and talents to us, listening deeply to our needs and dreams for the sanctuary, Northside Healing Space and 21st Century Academy.

Creative Fundraising Advisors is providing us with advice and strategy for achieving our capital campaign goal.

As the capital campaign progresses, we will share more about other in-kind donors who are helping to beautify and make our spaces more functional.


We do not do this work in isolation. We sincerely thank members of the Liberty community who are supportive and have been instrumental in moving this work forward.
We look forward to continue working with them to achieve a successful end to the campaign. Below are organizations and funders who have provided support for this work so far. We look forward to adding more names to this list as the campaign progresses.

  • Artspace
  • Catalyst Initiative of the Minneapolis Foundation
  • University of Minnesota
  • Presbytery of the Twin Cities and Task Force Mission Team
  • St. John’s Episcopal Church
  • Individual Donors
  • Creative Fundraising Advisors
  • Design for Good, ASID MN

Why Liberty?

We are committed to disrupting the systems of inequality. Faith-based organizations like Liberty are key-players in promoting healthy communities. Working with our partners to tackle trauma, commercial sexual exploitation, unemployment, concentrated poverty and school dropout rates can seem overwhelming, but when partnerships are formed to act based on the lived experiences and voices in the community, healing happens!

Why faith-based organizations?

  • For many communities, faith organizations represent credible and caring members in which the community has confidence.
  • In almost all faith organizations, a critical call to provide services those in need and the most vulnerable in integral to living their faith.
  • Faith organizations are already on the frontlines where community issues are first identified at a point where they can be resolved.

Source: The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, Medicine