Northside Healing Space

Northside Healing Space is a safe place for the community to heal from historical trauma and gather to practice resiliency. We invite victims of sexual exploitation, persons impacted by the ravages of historical trauma and community members suffering from long term untreated traumatic experiences to come to the space for healing, help and connection. We provide gathering space to:

  • Rest
  • Remember
  • Resist objectification, and
  • Revive

We do our work through collaborating with trauma specialists, mental health providers, traditional and nontraditional healers, physicians, spiritual directors, life coaches, clergy, artist and musicians.

At NHS we provide healing through:

  • Individual healing sessions
  • Resiliency practice groups
  • Drop In Space for victims of Sexual Exploitation
  • Support Groups
  • Trauma Information Sessions

Our work is funded by:

  • Individual donors
  • Event Space Rental
  • Office Space Rental
  • Monthly Open Market
  • The Philanthropic Community, and
  • Congregational Governing Bodies