Liberty Community Church


3700 Bryant Ave. N. Minneapolis | Sundays 11am

Liberty Community Church, PCUSA—Where Freedom Is Proclaimed

Liberty Community Church, PCUSA
Where Freedom Is Proclaimed

We are the first and only African American led Presbyterian congregation in Minnesota. Our congregation is a wonderful and diverse mix of faith affiliates ranging from Baptist Pentecostal’s to Catholic. We align ourselves in solidarity with our North Minneapolis community because that is where Jesus lives. We believe Jesus takes up preferential residence among the poor and traumatized so that all may experience life under God’s compassion and blessing. We welcome all into our community to celebrate and be set free by God’s word. The Northside Healing Space (NHS), which includes the 21st Century Academy, are a part of our community outreach initiatives, and a reflection of our faith in action. Our congregation is led by Co-Pastors Ralph and Alika Galloway, who also reside in North Minneapolis. Meet the team

We strive to be a community that embraces a homeplace ethos. Homeplaces are collective, connectional, cultural, caring, and loving. It is where healing and connection happens.

Why We Gather

We cherish and prioritize relationships as a way of belonging to one another in the Body of Christ. We practice what Jesus modeled for us by sharing our resources with each other and the community. We gather in worship for study, prayer, and with our community to proclaim that being free is God’s intention for every being. In gathering together, we seek to heal wounds of isolation and trauma, so we can become who God calls us to be. Learn More

Planetary Health

Liberty’s efforts around planetary health and healing are a part of our connectional homeplace ethos. Learn More

September Gathering

Healing the Earth, Healing Ourselves

September 17–19, 2021 
Liberty Community Church |  2100 Emerson Avenue North  |  Minneapolis, MN 55412

Northside Healing Space

The Northside Healing Space is our solution to healing trauma through rest, remembrance, resistance and revival. As a faith community, we are uniquely positioned to provide needed and critical services, not to proselytize, but as an expression of our faith and our place in the community. Learn More

21st Century Academy

Our faith calls us to protect the most vulnerable among us from trauma, especially children. We provide a comprehensive academic environment through 21 Century Academy that prepares young scholars in North Minneapolis for success. We do that by engaging them in rigorous academic programming, leadership and career development and community building. We understand that children who are engaged, educated, valued and cared for have higher positive outcomes and are at a significantly reduced risk of becoming victims. Learn More